Electronic Medical File

Icon EMR is a complete Electronic Medical File for register all patient information and record, organize and update appointments and digital medical data.

Ready to register:

  • Demographic information of each patient.
  • Individual and family medical history along with other personal information such as habits, lifestyle, etc.

Ready to record:

  • The patient’s data into medical forms.
  • Recording, organizing and updating appointments with the option of mass viewing them on a daily, weekly or monthly manner.

Ready to print:

  • Printing the aforementioned with the logo and contact information of the medical office, diagnostic center, clinic, hospital, etc.


  • Adding notes related to the patient, in the form of plain text.
  • Dynamically scheduling patient appointments based on the date.
  • Inserting into each visit a medical file in a form which the user is accustomed to.
  • Easily creating a new medical form using helpful and user-friendly text formatting tools.
  • Searching and finding patients and their appointments.

Icon EMR Subscriptions

Icon EMR SaaS

Have a look at all options of ICON as a service and choose the one that suits best your professional needs. You can now enjoy 2 months of free ICON aaS if you select a year plan.The most popular one, is the rich combination of  Icon Print Video + Icon EMR + XEROX 8580N* solid ink printer aaS. This option applies to most workflow challenges and ensures that printing costs will radically reduce.

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