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Icon EMR aaS 299€ /year

Icon Print Video aaS  299€ /year

Icon Print Video + Icon EMR aaS 399€ /year

By adding the printer XEROX 8580N*

Icon EMR + XEROX 8580N* solid ink printer aaS  499€ /year

Icon Print Video + XEROX 8580N* solid ink printer aaS 499€ /year

Icon Print Video + Icon EMR + XEROX 8580N* solid ink printer aaS 599€ /year

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Icon EMR aaS Subscriptions

✏️  Important Notes:

All prices do not include VAT.
Subscription Plans start with the payment of 1st month, activation and guarantee fees (GF). Pay per click costs may apply if a printer is added.
Gurantee fees (GF) are refundable only if hardware is in acceptable good condition at the time of return.
All hardware and software elements remain to Grafimedia ownership and are provided for use only with your totally acceptance of these terms of use.